Our Mission is Our Passion

Learn to Do by Doing!  

Regardless of the training you choose you will learn hypnosis by doing hypnosis on other students and clients.  Experience is king!  You see hypnosis.  You do hypnosis.  You experience hypnosis.

Personal Growth

Personal experience is the best way to learn.  You can work on your needs while you learn.  Your hypnotic journey reinforces what you are learning.  You can lose weight, reduce stress, increase confidence and create the life you want while training in hypnosis!  Your investment in training is also your personal hypnosis sessions.

Financial Rewards

Hypnosis training and education offers increase in financial potential in various ways.  You can become a professional hypnotist and discover the freedom of being an entrepreneur or you can enhance your career with hypnotic skills.  Many nurses, educators, health professionals, realtors, corporate speakers and many other careers have incorporated hypnosis into their existing job helping them achieve greater success.


Your trainer helps you master hypnotic skills. Reinforce your learning through observation and testing. Provides resources and learning materials, hypnosis audios and literature based on your learning style.  You receive the support you need to feel secure in your skills.

Better Communication

Hypnosis training helps you communicate better with clients, coworkers, spouse and children.